Make, O'Reilly, and DARPA

If you missed the following amongst the SOPA/PIPA protests and the shuttering of Megaupload this week, I understand. But this is just as important as the other events. Make magazine, along with O’Reilly, received a grant from DARPA to develop “makerspaces” for high schoolers. This under a DARPA program entitled “Manufacturing Experimentation and Outreach” or “MENTOR”. No, this is not a joke. Make is now receiving funding from DARPA for high-school makerspaces, and we can imagine any form of anti-militarist rhetoric is going to be absent. DEMILIT has a great Storify on the issue entitled MAKE, DARPA, and teens: A match made in hackerspace (full disclosure: one of my tweets is quoted there). This is something to keep paying attention to and to investigate further.

Posted on 2012-01-21 22:17:54


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