MAICgregator Retirement

After nearly four and a half years, I have decided to officially retire the MAICgregator project. As was mentioned in the previous blog post, updating MAICgregator in response to the vicissitudes of the Internet would be itself a full-time job, something I already have. MAICgregator has been a wonderful project for me, opening up all sorts of avenues for me to talk about the relationships between finance, the military, and higher education and the potentials for artistic intervention on the increasingly closed web.

As it would happen, MAICgregator has recently been discussed in two books; the first, Adversarial Design by Carl DiSalvo, and the second, An Aesthesia of Networks by Anna Munster. I’m very thankful to both Carl and Anna for featuring MAICgregator in their work.

I will keep the MAICgregator website up for now, and certain aspects of the extension may continue to function. But this website will likely degrade in functionality over time; I think that would be a fitting way to wind down the project, so I will let it be so for a while.

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Posted on 2013-10-19 10:38:43


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